Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Health and Wellness Stickers

Like every other person I know, I set a goal to be more healthy for 2015 and I joined the gym back in November in anticipation of the New Year's goal I set for myself every year. Well, up until recently I have had no drive or ambition to go to the gym.

Then I thought, why not make some stickers to help me out? So I started to look online for icons that would help. I stumbled upon glitzpaperco.wordpress.com on Pinterest and they have Health and Wellness printables HERE. They also have many other Lifestyle printable stickers HERE as well. They have Game Day, EC Daily Square Labels, Shopping, Sports, and Hydration sets too.

The way I use the Bathroom Scale stickers is I weigh myself every morning. Yep every morning. I wanted a spot on my weekly planning pages to be able to write my weight. (It's something I got into the habit of doing over the last year) Some people would disagree and say not to do it every day, but I like being able to look back over the month and see how different times of the month affected my weight and also to see how the things I ate affected my weight. I also find it helpful to record the time I weighed myself.

I use the Weight sticker to show when I am going to the gym and the Blank Clock sticker to show the time I am going, because it changes daily. I also use this for other events in my planner when I need a reminder of a specific time. The Meditation/Yoga sticker I use on the days I don't go to the gym. I use to be big into yoga and have gotten out of the habit, so this is a nice reminder to get back on track. (My lower back was so much happier when I was doing yoga daily)

I found these clip art icons on clker.com. The links are: WeightsBlank ClockBathroom Scale, and the Purple Grey Pink and Blue Meditation/Yoga icons. I have used these stickers for the last 3 months and they have worked out well for me. I hope you enjoy and that they work for you as well.

Health and Wellness free printable

I have included a link for a pdf version and for all of you that have a Silhouette, a Studio 3 version as well. The picture above is a png screen shot of the pdf version. I have made these so that you can cut on the faint grey line to make them more portable. They measure out to be 4.5 x 3.5 and I keep mine in a photo case that I bought HERE from Michael's.

Download pdf file HERE

Download studio3 file HERE

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